Grace is available to speak at your next virtual or in person event!

This includes keynotes, corporate wellness events, one-hour “Lunch and Learns”, wellness workshops, cooking demos, and lectures.

We can discuss a nutrition or health-related topic that meets your group’s needs or feel free to choose from the following selection of popular topics.

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Eating meal

popular topics

  • Are Your Gut Microbes Making You Depressed?: The Latest on the Gut-Brain Connection
  • The Importance of Blood Sugar Balance Even If You Don’t Have Diabetes
  • Is Your Gut Health Keeping You From Reaching Your Weight Loss Goals?
  • How to Increase Productivity, Reduce Stress, and Get More Energy Through Your Diet


Grace’s advice has given me a greater sense of control over my food choices and less fear of eating the wrong thing! I now know that there is a good reason for my not being able to eat much fat at once and that I can eat gluten and dairy occasionally. I’m thrilled not to be afraid of half the menu when I go out to eat. Thank you Grace!

– Anne C.